Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Guangzhou Zoo

For those of you who know Kiah, know that she is a big panda lover. She always has been. She collects pandas (she was only allowed to bring two with her to China and she has already bought another one here) and so it was necessary for her to see a real, life panda while in China. So today, even though it was hot and humid, we went to the Guangzhou Zoo! 

Kiah and her "pandas."

Unfortunately it was so hot that the pandas were not outside but trying to stay cool. Kiah didn't appear to be too disappointed, she was just so excited to see them!

There he (or she) is! She is taking it all in...

They are so adorable.

Apparently we had to come all the way to China to see raccoon's. Back home, we find them going through our garbage! We thought it was hilarious how excited the Chinese were to see raccoon's and deer but I guess around here it's not too common.

Trying to cool off with ice cream and Popsicles! They didn't help too much but they sure were yummy.


And more fish.

Asian elephant!

Lesser or red panda! It looks kind of like a cross between a fox and a raccoon.

Love this girly and her love of pandas.

We are hot and tired, but we made it!

Once we arrived back in Zhongshan we took naps and spent the evening holding babies. Sorry, I haven't gone through those pictures yet!

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