Saturday, May 31, 2014

In the Moment

Sometimes it is so hard to just be in the moment. We are (especially me) often trying to rush ahead, figure out what is next that we miss what is there, right in front of us. 

Lately, I have been trying to slow down and soak it all in. I just have a short time left in China. Soon, all this time spent with babies, cuddling and loving on them, will just be a memory. How do I want to remember my last few weeks in China? Thinking so much about "what's next" that I miss what is right in front of me? No, I want to be a person who is known to live where I am. In this exact moment. Not to rush ahead and wish my life away, but to be here. Right here.

Planning ahead isn't a bad thing, in fact it's a good thing. As long as we don't dwell on those plans and miss all that God is doing. Right here. Right now.

"In their hearts humans plan their course,
but the Lord establishes their steps."
Proverbs 16:9

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