Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Snapshot: Mexican Night

One thing we can't find in my city is a good Mexican restaurant. Tragic, I know. I had brought some taco seasoning mixes back with me after being in the States and a few of us decided to make our own Mexican food. This weekend was a holiday and so we decided this was the weekend to do it. 

Cheese is a real treat in China. As in I never buy it because it's about $7 USD for a block of cheese and just isn't worth it to me. I do like it every once in a while though.

Our spread of food. Yummy.

Mashed potatoes aren't really Mexican (as far as I know) but the resume my friend Joy made, called for you to put melted cheese and salsa on it. It was delicious!

Ground beef is very hard to find here and a special treat.

My homemade salsa. I could eat it by the spoonful. I may or may not do that.

We even found taco shells! They were a little stale but not bad once heated up.

A little piece of heaven.

Obviously I am quite excited about my taco.

Joy's cheesy potatoes.

Pineapple cake for dessert.

Can we have another Mexican night really soon? Cinco de mayo anyone?

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  1. This is making me giggle- Tex-Mex goes Chinese. I'm not sure a Mexican would even recognize you're eating Mexican food, but I'm glad you enjoyed your tacos! :)

  2. Haha, agreed! Ok, so this was the closest I've had to "Mexican" in a long time! ;)

  3. This post made me laugh. My best friend is serving the Lord in Czech Republic, and also craves Mexican. I once sent her a "Fiesta in a box", including inflatable cactus. :) Thank you for your thoughtful posts. My husband and I are in the adoption process right now, and we are madly in love with a certain "sweetie" who appears on your blog.


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