Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Birthday Celebration: Part 2

My birthday was celebrated on Friday in China but with the time change, even though it was Saturday here, it was still Friday in the states which means it was still my birthday! Therefore the celebration continued. 

We woke up early to Skype with our parents which is always a good time. We then made funfetti pancakes which my Mom sent me in my birthday package! As you may have read on Facebook a few months back, my box of pancake mix was taken over by tiny bugs, so I was pretty excited when my Mom sent me three new packages of pancake mix.

Yum, deliciousness.

I was unable to find syrup so we had honey or peanut butter on them. It wasn't bad! 

Of course a birthday breakfast (or any breakfast for that mater) would not be complete without bacon.Thankfully I can buy that here in China.

The breakfast spread.

Laura was obviously pretty excited about breakfast.

So happy to have my good friend here in China with me for a few months, especially to help me celebrate my birthday.

The rest of our day included a head massage / shampoo and I even got brave enough to have my first hair cut here. They did a pretty good job for me not being able to really tell him what I wanted! That evening we watched "Frozen" with friends. Such a wonderful day of relaxation. 

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