Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beauty Around

I feel a little bit guilty even writing this post since I know all my NY friends have been freezing all winter! However, the rain and "cold" southern Chinese weather has moved in so doesn't that make you feel better? Even though the temperatures are not as cold as home, our apartments are not well insulated and we also do not have good heaters, only small space heaters (that really don't give off much heat. My room is currently 58 and tat is after having it on as high as it goes for the last 72 hours). 

We had an absolutely gorgeous January though. Like super duper the most gorgeous January I've ever experienced. Of course that's not too hard after growing up and living in western NY for 26 years. But anyways, it was lovely. Now we are in a bit of a "cold and rainy" spell but I guess we deserve that after being spoiled all "winter." 

One of the things I absolutely love about the area I live in is the scenery and landscaping (even in the cold and rain). This fountain is right outside my apartment. It has been off for several months but they recently have been turning it on in the afternoons. I just love it.

This is the little "river" I walk over each day when I go to the foster home. Not a bad view, right?

I will admit, I miss the clean green grass (or white snow) and hills I see from my side yard back home but this view isn't bad and I've gotten quite used to it. The little things I take for granted each day like the beauty around me.

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