Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Time to Party!

It's Chinese New Year time around here which is the Asian form of Christmas. Kids are off from school, businesses are closed, lots of eating and time with family happens. Oh yes, and there are also gifts that come in the form of money in a red envelope, also known as "hong bao." And don't forget the fireworks. There are lots and lots of fireworks this time of year. After all, they did originate here. 

On Sunday evening we celebrated Chinese New year with the nannies at the foster home. What else do you do for a party other than eat? As you can see, we ordered a lot of food!

We ate, and ate, and ate some more... it was delicious!

The actual Chinese New Year is January 31st, but with a few of our nannies and staff taking off for the holiday, we celebrated a few days early. No one seemed to mind... especially the kids!

It was fun to have all the kids together for the occasion.

They sure had fun!

Treasure decided that this was a great time to read.

We are finishing up the Year of the Snake and about to embark on the Year of the Horse. 

 新年快乐  Happy New Year!  

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  1. LOVE the photo of Treasure! Adorable! Oh and the food.....YUM! Looks scrumptious. Happy New Year!!


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