Monday, January 27, 2014


It has been six days since precious Pearl arrived. In those six days, I have seen her fight back tears and try to hide the pain that has probably been such a part of her life. She had probably never seen a non-Chinese person until this past week and most certainly had never heard English. I made her cry which just about broke my heart. She was scared.

"What is this new place with funny looking people who speak a strange language?"

I can't even imagine what has gone through her 2 year old mind. Trying to wrap her mind around all that has taken place in the last 6 days.

Since I made her cry, I have kept my distance. I haven't tried to get to close or pick her up. However, I have smiled at her and tried to interact. Yesterday, we made strides. She thought it was hilarious when I would knock her little bear over. She has the most precious smile.

Yesterday was progress but today, my friends, we had a breakthrough. After getting her to smile for most of the afternoon, I finally took a chance and reached out my arms and asked her in Chinese if I could hold her. She immediately reached her little arms out towards me to which I scooped her up and sat her on my lap.

That little girl latched on immediately. Her arms went around my neck, she laid her head on my shoulder, and held on for dear life. I kept the tears at bay because I did not want to frighten her (again) but they were threatening to spill down my cheeks. I kissed her sweet head and slowly rubbed her beautiful black hair.

This precious child who has lost so much is taking a chance and allowing herself to trust. She sat on my lap for about half an hour, until it was time for her to eat. She went back and forth between hugging me, gazing into my eyes to make sure I was really there, and then her little girl arms would go around me again. 

This is what it is all about. This is why I do what I do. For moments like these. To give hope to the fatherless and show them love. 


  1. She is beautiful. When the children come to you at this age, do you know any of their background?

    1. We know very basic information such as when they arrived the orphanage and where they were abandoned.

  2. Such a beautiful story. I can still distinctly remember another little one's first night out of isolation. She was so scared. She was swatting at anyone who would approach her and would start to cry every time she laughed...but when she sat in my lap and curled up into a little ball. What a moment.

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