Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hot Pot & Goodbye's

One of the things Thad has gotten the chance to experience a lot in China besides playing with some of the most adorable children ever, is try some new food. Saturday night we went out for Hot Pot. 

For those of you who don't know how Hot Pot works, it's like this:

You order raw meat such as beef...

And pork...

And you cook it into a pot that is boiling on your table. What is in the pot? you may ask. Why it's a pork bone, of course. For flavoring. 

You then order other things to add such as mushrooms and corn.



tofu noodles,

And then you enjoy!

Or you could always pose with the lettuce bouquet. It's up to you.

It's even more fun spent with friends. We went with my friend, Joy.

The waitress apparently couldn't figure out how to focus my camera. Oh well.

We ended the night with a ride on one of the many rickshaws that are found throughout China.

It was such a fun and delicious evening!

Thaddeus and I are currently in a hotel by the Guangzhou airport. He will fly back to the states tomorrow via Beijing and then JFK in New York City. Please keep him in your prayers. This is his first time traveling by himself and it's an international flight at that. Pray for his connections (he has a short one in Beijing), smooth flights, and also for the weather in Buffalo as he is scheduled to land Wednesday night. This protective big sister may be just a little anxious but I know that the Lord will be with him each step of the way and I'll anxiously await word that he has made it home, safe and sound. 

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