Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Snapshot: Friends

Thursday night, my college roommate, Carrie, came to visit. The weather was a little iffy and she was driving an hour and a half through an area that can get pretty nasty in snowy weather. Thankfully even though it was slow going, she made it safe and sound. I was so happy to see her! We have been friends for almost 9 years now, meeting in the spring of 2005. 

How did we spend our time together? Drinking coffee curled up inside by the heater (our furnace wasn't working too well and it was freezing!). We later ordered Chinese take out with my sister, Kiah, and chatted even more. We could talk for days.... it's a talent really!
Of course, her drive back on Friday afternoon wasn't very pleasant either. She is going to hate me for posting this picture. : ) She is deep in thought, checking the weather before she left.
We are usually bad about taking pictures together but the last few times we have remembered. I set up the tripod for this one. I'm still learning the settings so it's a little blurry but not too bad!
 We're a little goofy too...
 But we can be serious.... when we want too (which isn't too often).
 Have I mentioned how loving we are towards each other?
 Really, we are.
Thanks for coming to visit, Carrie, and being such a great friend! We have been through a lot together in the last 8 1/2 years. Already I can't wait to see you in July!

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