Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Season of Hope

I just love the Christmas season. It is especially special this year since I was not home last year. 
My heart is especially heavy this evening as I think of two families who are mourning losses. 
Two families who lost a sweet member of their family member in the last 48 hours.
One to cancer, the other suddenly.
I am reminder of how precious life is and how there are no guarantees.
I am thankful for my family this Christmas, but thankful especially for the time I get to spend with them.
We are making sweet memories this December, memories that I will always remember.
Praying that all of you have a sweet December. Many of you may be struggling this Christmas season. Maybe you have lost a loved one and maybe this is the first Christmas spent without them. Maybe you are in a place where you are going through a trial and you have no idea what God is doing or how it will all work out. Maybe you are angry, sad, or just feel hopeless.

Ultimately remember that this is the season of HOPE. That God is near and in Him there is always hope. May you feel His comfort and love this Christmas season and feel His love around you.

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