Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Tree Hunt

Yesterday was the day.... the day we went Christmas tree shopping! We are a "real tree" kind of family. I love the smell of a freshly tree in the house! When I was younger, I remember going to friends of ours and searching for that "perfect tree." As I got older, we ended up just buying an already cut one. Last year, my family bought one from one of my Mom's co-workers for much cheaper than the already cut ones and so this year we did that again!

The "happy tree hunters." Kiah wasn't feeling well yesterday and so she stayed home and rested. 
Tage looking for just the right tree.... or refusing to look at me while I take a picture.
 He looks thrilled doesn't he? He really DOES love it. Don't let that face fool you!
When we buy our tree, we also pick one out for my Grandma Rich. I found an adorable little tree that is perfect for her.
 A little blurry, but my Dad liked carrying around the "measuring pole."
 Tage single handedly carried my Grandma's tree to the car.
 On the car!
 The before picture....
 ... and AFTER!!!
The Christmas season officially has begun!

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