Friday, December 27, 2013

Beijing: Jade Factory

Between Forbidden City and the Great Wall, we stopped at a Jade Factory. I have always loved jade but it was very interesting to learn more about it and how they make jewelry and other things from it!

A jade ball in a fountain when we entered the factory.

Jade comes in many different colors and they can make practically anything out of it!

One of the "masters" carving the jade.

Do you see that crazy ship behind us? Apparently that takes 3 years to complete.

The bigger ball has 8 different balls within it. The smaller one has 4.

Surprised to see Michael Phelps' picture on the wall. Apparently the 2008 Beijing Olympic medals had jade on the back of them. How cool is that?!

So many things to buy. Unfortunately very expensive!

Upstairs, there was a restaurant where we enjoyed a Chinese lunch. This was Thad's first authentic Chinese meal. I think he liked it!

Fried rice. Not the best I've had but ok.

Love this dish! Cucumbers and beef. Thad really liked it.

Tomato soup with potatoes and beef.

Fungus, carrots, and other random vegetables that I don't know the name of.

Thad and the happy Buddha.

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  1. All looks good... but, "fungus"... would that be mushrooms?


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