Saturday, November 23, 2013

Home Sweet Snowy Home

I am home at last. Flew in Wednesday evening and now just taking the time to update my blog. All I can say is that being home has been WONDERFUL. I was greeted by my Mom, Dad, and sister, and have had fun the last few days either seeing my family or talking to them on the phone. My two brothers in college will be arriving home Tuesday evening for Thanksgiving and I can't wait! 
The biggest adjustment has been the climate. Going from 70's southern China to 30's and snowy western NY is a bit of an adjustment! Thankfully the snow didn't come until today so I was able to "ease" into it.
 Snow and everything, it's great to be home.
And yes, I have already had my pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks if anyone was curious. First one in two years! Yes, it was as good as I was imagining.


  1. I love your enthusiasm over the snow and Here I am the complete opposite. I cannot wait to get to China were there is no :-)

    1. You might change your mind after a year or two of no seasons. It does get kind of old having it green all year long.


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