Monday, September 2, 2013

Today is the Day

I have really let the ball drop on blogging this past week. Oh well... I guess I need a little break. 

Fall is upon us! Back home in western NY, you all are gearing up for another school year. Fall clothes are out, nights are becoming crisp and cool, leaves are changing color, football season is underway and pumpkin spice latte's are in Starbucks. However, here in southern China, I don't notice much of a difference. Temperatures are still in the 90's and leaves don't change here. It's green all year long. 
We run our preschool program all summer long, therefore it's not the beginning of a new school year for us. However, we DO have a new student. Miracle will be joining our preschool class for the first time today. This little boy has wanted to attend class for months. Each morning when I take the other children into the classroom, he will sit by the door and cry and cry. I tried having him come for a little bit a few months ago but this little one is a ball full of energy. Energy is good, but he was a handful in preschool. So, I decided to wait on having him attend every day.
Until today. He will be leaving us to join his forever family in the states sometime in the next few months and in order to best prepare him, we have been working a lot on his English. He and I meet twice a week one-on-one which does help, but I felt it was time for him to be in class 5 days a week to hopefully speed up his English progress.
We will see how he does. Won't you all say a prayer for me? I love him dearly, but he can be a bit challenging to handle and control sometimes. Pray for patience, understanding, and of course, love.

Happy September and new start for the school year for you all!

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