Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Snapshot: Playdough

One thing I have learned in this new adventure of being a preschool teacher is that you can never go wrong with playdough.
Honestly, I think all kids love it no matter what country they are from. Of course, my sweet kiddos may not be calling it "tomato." And I may or may not avoid correcting them because I think it is adorable.
They would play with playdough every day, all day if I would let them. But unfortunately, there are other things we need to learn in preschool so that is not an option.
When I get the playdough out and dump the "playdough materials" on the table they squeal "tomato, tomato!" in delight. It makes my heart smile that they become so excited over the simplest thing.
I am a neat freak and I like things clean. Therefore, in all honesty I am not a huge fan of playdough. It gets on the floor, stuck in the cracks on the table, in their fingernails, in their hair, and once in a while ends up in their mouths (which would make a great picture if I ever had my camera set to capture the moment).
But it's good to stretch yourself once in a while. And I have come to terms that making a mess is okay. As long as I clean it right up after class!


  1. It's hard not too love play dough, although I agree with you about the mess!

  2. You can never go wrong with of the best inventions ever


  3. That is so true play dough is amazing!!!


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