Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sunday Snapshot: Growing!

This week was an exiting one at the foster home.... we are growing! When I arrived almost 18 months ago, we had 7 children..... we now have 13. We have almost doubled since I have been here! And this past week was a big move for the foster home. A few months ago, we rented a second apartment and the last few months have been preparing it for the children. Air conditioners, furniture, cleaning, etc. We have been holding Preschool down there since that's where my new classroom is located. 

The time has finally come.... to move the children!
 The toys have been moved (well some of them at least)...
... and so have the children! The "older" ones are now in the new apartment and the babies remain in our original one.
 We are all settling in nicely.
 It's like they have lived here all along.
Me on the other hand? It'll definitely take some getting used too. As exiting as it is, it's definitely different. I'm so used to having all the children in one spot and now upstairs where the office is, it's SO QUIET! Of course the plus to this is that when I'm in the office I may actually get some work done? Now there's an idea!
The new apartment is on the 1st floor and our original one is on the 6th. I have decided that when I'm going back and forth I am going to take the stairs..... might as well get some exercise in! Of course if I'm carrying children, I won't.

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