Friday, August 2, 2013

Art Class

We are blessed with numerous donations. Clothes, toys, books, preschool supplies, diapers, etc. We receive so many in fact that our storage room is overflowing! I love how God works and how He blesses us abundantly. I finally had a chance to go through a bag of preschool donations yesterday morning and what did I find? 4 sketchbooks! And how many students do I have? You got it.... 4. I wrote each of their names on a book and decided to spend some time in "art class" yesterday.
 They were so cute.... concentrating so hard on their "masterpieces."
 This little one is drawing actual pictures now. See his suns? And yes, that is a blue one.
I just love when they use their creativity. It does my heart good after seeing so many of them lying in an orphanage bed. Oh the miracles of the Lord Almighty.
Have a great weekend!

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