Saturday, July 27, 2013

My New Favorite

In March I discovered this really amazing Taiwanese tea place. Really they have way more than just tea. Actually, I have yet to try tea. My favorite? Their smoothies. Mango, lemon, cranberry..... yummm. I am such a frequent customer that the people who work there know my "regular" (in English) and have asked me on more than one occasion, "you really like smoothie?" Yes, why yes, I do. How could you tell?

Today I decided was a good day to get a smoothie. Well let's be honest, EVERY day is a good smoothie day. As I was browsing the menu, I noticed they have a COFFEE smoothie. I love anything coffee flavored. I reminded myself that I was in China so I tried not to get my hopes up too much. After all, they are not a coffee loving nation like the US... I do bring all my own coffee from the states because it's so hard to find here.  All this to say, I wasn't expecting anything great.


I will admit it is NOT a Starbucks frappuccino or anything but not bad! But what makes it even better than Starbucks?  It is 10 RMB compared to Starbuck's 35 RMB. 
 AND if you combine it with one of my favorite pastries from the local Chinese bakery?
 I have myself a very tasty treat on this July Saturday afternoon.
My new favorite? It very well may be.

Sidenote: I am hopefully ordering a blender soon so that I can make my own smoothies, but for now.... I will keep the Taiwan smoothie shop in business.


  1. Mmmmmm.... You had me at Coffee Smoothie! :-)

    1. :) I knew you would love this post. I think you are more obsessed with the smoothie place than I am!


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