Friday, June 7, 2013

My Classroom

 One of the exciting things that happened while I was in the states is that I now have my own preschool room!
For the past year, we have been sharing our school with the office, med room, storage room, etc. 
Although it worked, I was pretty anxious to have my own space that I could decorate and make look/feel like an actual classroom. 
I finally got my wish. 

Knowing that I would have my own room when I got back, I did some shopping for "wall art." 
I'm pretty pleased with how the room is coming along so far!

 My students watching "Thomas the Train" for our Friday movie.
Don't you love our little porch off our room? 
I do.
Best part is teaching these three, sometimes four, little sweeties (I have one little one who is only coming twice a week as she can't quite handle the 5 days a week class schedule). 
Come fall, I'll probably be asking for donations for fall, winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations, etc. for those of you willing to send a care package. 
I'll keep you posted. 

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  1. aww, I love the photo of them watching Thomas at the table :)

    floral & fudge


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