Tuesday, June 11, 2013


On Saturday night we had a "jiaozi" or dumpling making party!
I have learned how to make a few Chinese dishes and I've made jiaozi before but never watched how the meat was actually prepared. It looked easy enough so we will see if I'm actually able to do it by myself one day!

First you make the "shells." Just flour and water.
 Sarah Grace was concentrating so hard on making them just right.

Then you make the filling. This one consisted of pork, corn, and carrots with various spices and of course, soy sauce. My favorite jiaozi filling is pork and cabbage, which we did not make this time. 
Then it's time to "fill them." I really think making jiaozi is an "art." Mine were definitely not as pretty as some of the others! I guess I just need more practice right?
Then it's time to boil them! You can also fry them which is also delicious.

You have not had amazing jiaozi unless you have had them in China (or a true Chinese person makes them for you). They are NOTHING like those disgusting frozen ones you find at the stores in the states.

We also attempted to make a pork and mushroom one but well... I think too much oil was used as they all fell apart when they were boiled.... oh well! 

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