Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Remember When...

This little Treasure was fighting for her life?
When she was given no hope?
I do too....
Now when I hold her in my arms and listen to her sweet sing song voice,
or pick her up time and time again, when she is fussy,
I can't help but be thankful.
Because she was so close to not making it.
 Your prayers are what made all the difference.
Once people all over the world began lifting up this little sweetheart, that is when things changed.

You sure are a Treasure, little one.
Continue growing big and strong. 
Want to read more about her miraculous story?
Read about it here!


  1. Anneli ~ can you put a FB button on your page here so that it is even easier to share?

    1. It is posted. Look under my Facebook page and you should see it. :-)


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