Monday, May 27, 2013


Birthdays are special.
They are a day that is all about you.
A day to celebrate YOU!
For my kiddos, birthday's are indeed special but also make my heart ache.
Each of these children were abandoned.
I can not help but think of their birth mothers.
What is their story?
Why were they left?
Was that the last option?

I know that each of my kiddos birth mothers loved them so much that they were willing to let them go to give them hope.
And to me, my friends, that is a courageous act.

As we celebrated this little guy's 4th birthday today, I couldn't help but think of his birth mom.
I am so thankful that she gave him life and hope.

Happy 4th Birthday Handsome!
Know what will be even better? 
Your 5th birthday because that one will be spent with your forever family!

1 comment:

  1. I too am so thankful for our sweet son's birthmom, and we pray for all of our adopted children's birth parents...
    I also am thankful that God ordained all of you plus some Alabama folks to celebrate his birthday together! So very special!
    Praying for you!


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