Sunday, March 17, 2013

One Year Ago...

A year ago today I landed in Guangzhou.
There were so many unknowns and questions.
So many uncertainties. 
But God has proven Himself once again faithful in this past year.
 Hard to believe that it has already been a year. 
Where has the time gone?
Seems like yesterday I was stepping off that plane and into a land of unknowns.
 It has been quite a year. 
A year that I will never forget.
 As I head home in preparation for next year, I can't help but be filled with excitement.
I am excited to see what He is going to do in this upcoming year. 
As a side not, after living in this wonderful climate for the last year, I don't think I'll ever be able to move back to the cold, snowy north!

I will be going into major CLIMATE shock in a few days when I land in lovely Buffalo, NY!

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