Saturday, January 19, 2013

Praise & Prayer

Wow, what a week.
Was it just a week ago that I spend the day in Hong Kong? Goodness, feels like that was forever ago!

I am starting out this weekend with a praise report as well as a prayer request.
God hears our prayers. He knows our hearts. And HE DOES answer prayer. 
However, often I feel like we come to him with our prayer requests, but we don't always remember to praise  and thank Him when things go well and when He has answered prayer. 

Thank you all so very much for all of your thoughts and prayers on behalf of my Sweetheart. She was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon (Friday) and is now home and doing well!
It was absolutely adorable when she arrived home last night. As soon as she was carried into the room, all the kids and nannies cheered and clapped for her and that she was home! Little Sweetheart smiled and laughed and wiggled with joy. 
She was ecstatic to be home and we are too!
As happy as we were to have one of our little ones home, we were saddened and worried as well over the news we received about little Treasure
She was admitted to the hospital on December 26th with pneumonia and fluid in her chest. 
Week after week, she did not improve. She looks better, yes (I saw her last Friday), but the fluid has not decreased much. 
We received news yesterday that she has developed a bacterial infection. It's an infection that can get very bad, very quickly if the doctors aren't able to get it under control. 

Will you lift little Treasure up to the Great Physician? The One who knows her and loves her and is holding her in the palm of her hand right now? Pray that the infection will go away and that her body will heal not only from that but from the pneumonia as well. 

We are more than ready to have her back home and healthy. 

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  1. Anneli,
    Jumping for joy that "little Sweetheart" is home! Praise G*d!
    I will add "little Treasure" to my petitions & have the Great Healer guide the doctors & nurses so she can come home soon.
    BTW, the box is indeed on it's way for "our 2 kids": "C" & "M". There are a few little things for their friends too.
    Huggin's & Lovin's,
    Barbara (Lee) Lyman :-)


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