Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jie Jie

"Jie jie" means "big sister" in Chinese.
Gem is such a good big sister to all of our little ones.
Up until a few weeks ago, she was one of the little ones, but now that her "big siblings" have been adopted, she is one of the big kids now!

And she is doing an excellent job at it! She LOVES her little brothers and sisters.
She is patient and king (for the most part!) and loving towards them.

And they just love her!
Sweetheart has become quite a fan and it is adorable to see these two together. 

One of the most amazing things to watch is the bond between the foster brothers and sisters here. They really do love each other.
When one is adopted, the children miss them greatly.
They truly are a family.

Of course our goal for all of our children is to join their forever families as soon as possible.
But in the meantime, we will love them with everything we have. 

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