Friday, November 16, 2012

So Long Thailand

My last post from Thailand that I’m just now posting…..

As I sit in the Bangkok airport waiting to board my flight to Guangzhou, decided to write one last blog post from Thailand. The last few days were fun and busy as well. Yesterday (my last day in Chiang Mai), after sleeping in, we took at trip to the Chiang Mai Night Safari…. but during the day! It was fun but pretty much like any zoo I’ve seen before so nothing too exciting. I did get some good shots though!

Entrance to the safari!


“Giraffe Coffee”…. yum!


One HUGE plus about living in a tropical climate is all the palm trees. They never get old.


Love the hills of Chiang Mai


Isn’t he cute?


Gorgeous sky


The standard “hold the camera out in front of me” shot.


This giraffe only spoke Thai. : )


For my last night in Thailand, we went out to a very typical Thai restaurant before visiting the night market one last time.

It had such a cool atmosphere!


The Menu (not men)…. Chiang Mai, Thailand.


You got to prepare your noodles yourself!


AnneliPurple flower

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  1. I love the palm trees! how does real Thai food compare to real Chinese food?


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