Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh China

I had such a wonderful weekend. Making lots of new friends and eating good food. It was a good time of fellowship and just being with others who “understand.” They understand what it’s like living in China. They “get it.” God is so good.

The weekend was just on Friday night, and on Saturday, Janice and I headed for home. First we took a taxi, then the subway, then the high speed train, then were picked up to go home.

Everything went fine UNTIL we attempted to buy our high speed train tickets and learned that they were SOLD OUT! Now that morning, I did think to myself,

“I wonder if we will have trouble traveling home with the holidays?”

Yep, I was right on!

After standing in two lines and being told the same thing, we tried to figure out our best plan of action. While looking confused, one of the train employees came up to us asking if we needed help. We explained to him where we were trying to go but the tickets were all sold out.

He then said, “go buy a ticket. Doesn’t matter what day or what time, and I’ll get you on.”

What?!?! Ok!!!

So we stood in line for the THIRD time and bought tickets for the next day since by then the 29th were completely sold out.

True to his word, we walked right through were they checked tickets, went through security, and stood in line at our gate. When the gate was opened, we were like a heard of cattle pushing through. Yes, there was someone there “stamping” tickets, but never looked at the tickets or the date or time. As we were waiting, I noticed several others who had the wrong date and the wrong time.

Apparently this is normal for China? Who knew!

We arrived home safe and sound…. WAY before our scheduled time.


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