Monday, October 8, 2012

Blessed from Afar

One of the best things about the work I do, is the people I come in contact with. Now I may not meet them in person, actually I usually DON’T personally know them which makes it that much cooler! The fact that people love to bless me whom I have yet to meet in person, blows me away.

That is what is so awesome about the body of Christ. We are all brothers and sisters through Him and we have “that connection.” We don’t have to meet in person, although we will one day!

Through the Facebook, blogging, and Foster Home community, I have “met” Valerie. And let me tell you. This woman loves Jesus, orphans, and blessing those of us overseas doing this work!

I have been missing home lately. More specifically, missing fall. It’s my favorite season. I miss pumpkin flavored anything, scarves, fall festivals, curling up with a good book, and the smells. Valerie blessed me with a care package last week and in it (among many other things) was a delicious apple pie smelling candle! Even though it may not look like fall, my room sure smells like it.

I definitely know what to ask for in future care packages now.

Valerie also blessed me with some wall lettering so “spruce up” my home and make it a little more “home like.” I must admit, it was just what I needed! Check it out!

“I am a child of God.” Amen to that!


One of my favorite verses.


“Live, Laugh, Love.”


“Love ~ Where your story begins.”

Thanks Valerie! You are wonderful!


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  1. Valerie has the most beautiful heart, and I know that God has great things stored up waiting for her in Heaven one day! The way she blesses others just ministers to my heart, and it's all so genuine and REAL!! May God bless her in return 100 fold for her selfless love and for allowing her life to be such a vessel of His love!


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