Saturday, August 18, 2012

Midway / Birthday Bash

Getting caught up on some pictures! I’ve had a great time at home so far. I feel as though it has been a good mix of spending time with family, friends, and just spending time relaxing at home.

Last week, we met my older brother, his wife, and two sons, at Midway, which is a little amusement park near my home. I had never met my newest nephew, Micah, before (he was born in May and I left for China in March) so it was nice to meet him! What a cutie!

We had a bit of rain, but thankfully cleared up for Landon to enjoy the rides!

Landon with Uncle Tage


LOVED the boats!


Great smile, Landon!


Landon really wanted to go on the roller coaster. Tage liked it more than him though…


Went on the cars over and over and over again. He really wanted the yellow car which is why he rode with a new friend here. : )


Baby Micah!


So nice to finally meet my newest nephew! One happy Aunt here!


On Tuesday, we celebrated Asa’s 21st birthday. Asa’s birthday was actually on August 1st, but since my family was about to head out to Chicago for the wedding then, we decided to wait and celebrate when we were all home again.

Better late than never right? ; )

Landon loves Uncle Asa!


And Uncle Thad!


Captain Kirk made it into the picture!


Blowing out candles… what a good helper!


It’s been great spending time with family. Trying to cherish each moment.


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