Monday, August 13, 2012

5 Creative Ways to Better Support Your Missionary


Guest post written by Jim Baker. I met Jim and his wife, Jess, in 2008 while working at Camp Mission Meadows in western NY. Jim knew my heart for orphans and specifically China orphans and had visited the foster home I am currently serving in back in 2004. He encouraged me to “go” and I blame him for the fact that I am currently living in China. He gladly takes the blame. Jim and Jess are amazing people and have been such a huge encouragement to me. Make sure you check out their blog! Thanks Jim for the great post!

I met someone who was raised as a missionaries kid in Spain. Every month a group of ladies from their church in the US would take USED tea bags and mail them to them to be used again. While the gesture was nice… lets not be those people. J

1. Initiate and encourage!

Most ministry involves a lot of pouring out. There is NOTHING more encouraging in ministry than someone genuinely caring about you. Sending a personal e-mail, or text message, or even leaving a voicemail to let someone know that you know what is going on in their life, and are praying for them and that you appreciate what they are doing!

2. Be their biggest advocate!

When the opportunity arises share with OTHERS about what your favorite person in ministry is doing! If you really are blessed by a blog post that they write share it with your Facebook or twitter friends!

3. Remember birthdays, anniversaries and important dates!

Send a card, e-mail, or a gift card! Often times people in ministry are living hand to mouth and can't always afford to celebrate they way they would like to.

4. Encourage them to make a wish list so that supporters can know what to get them!

Sometimes people don’t like just giving money, they want to give something tangible. Encouraging your missionary to make a wish list and then send them a care package J


Most of the time subscriber services are pretty cheap but they go a long way. Think Netflix, Costco, Triple A or Amazon Prime. Your one time gift could of $50-$100 could be a huge annual blessing.

Engage: Can you think of other ways of supporting your missionary? Leave a comment with your idea!

- Jim Baker and his wife Jess are full time missionaries in Honolulu, Hawaii. They are currently staffing YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies. You can check out their blog here


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