Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Little “Taste of Home”

Hmmm…. do you notice the theme going on my blog lately? That’s right…. FOOD!

Since I’ve moved to China, I have gone through “craving” funny things. The reason why it is funny is because these are things that I rarely if ever eat in the states! Ever since I arrived in China 2 1/2 months ago, I’ve been craving pancakes. Not really sure why, since I hardly ever ate them at home, but last week for dinner I wanted anything BUT Chinese food (was just one of those days) and so I decided to treat myself to a pancake mix. Now before you think of me being deprived of ANYTHING American around here, I must be honest. I CAN get quite a lot of American food and ingredients within walking distance of my apartment, but it will be VERY expensive, therefore I try not to do it very often.

But once in a while it’s okay to “treat yourself,” so last week that is what I did. And I was SO excited to make these delicious…



Don’t they look Heavenly?


And scrambled eggs (with some tomatoes since I had to use it up soon).

Oh and it tasted so good…. until after. Then I just did not feel very good at all and it was very disappointing. I mean, I usually NEVER have trouble with food, but for some reason my stomach was not as excited about this food as I was about it.

I have come to conclusion that in the 2 1/2 months of living in China, I have eaten mainly fruits, vegetables, some meat (although not much since the Chinese use barely any in their dishes), and even sweets and pastries here are much “lighter” than in the states.

*Sigh* I guess next time I just wont eat quite as many (I may attempt mango pancakes?). I’m just a little worried about that first cheeseburger I’ll be eating in August….. not sure how THAT will go!



  1. hey, i remember eating that egg and tomato dish in china for breakfast so good :)

  2. i remember eating that egg and tomato dish while i was in china so good!


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