Friday, May 25, 2012

Trip to the Zoo

One thing that I have realized is that we need to get the kids out more. They do not do well around new people and in new situations. The smallest things (such as going to the hair dressers) terrifies them.

In all honesty, who could blame them? They have been through so much in the few short years of their lives. I would be terrified too if I didn’t realize how minor a hair cut was or that an animal in a cage can’t get out to get me. New things are just hard. I definitely understand that one as I’m still struggling to get used to “new things.”

Yesterday we took the three oldest kids to the zoo. It was a beautiful day, it wasn’t too far away and we felt that it would be a good outing for them. Plus I have been teaching them a lot about animals in preschool so it was a very educational trip as well!

Outside of my little man hating the birds (and I mean HATING), and some tears shed over the monkey and at first over the sea lions, there actually were some smiles and enjoyment. We finished our outing  by going out to eat, which again is something that they do not do very often.

Overall, I am so proud of them and they did so well! Here are a few pictures from the day!














Today we are celebrating little man’s 3rd birthday! More pictures to come!


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