Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fishing… real life China


For those of you who know me well would know that even though I love being outdoors, around water, and barefoot, fishing is not really “my thing.” But hey, I’m trying to make friends here! I was invited to go fishing last Sunday with some local college students so even though I wasn’t thrilled about the activity, decided to go.


All I can say is that I got to see a part of China I had no idea was 10 minutes away from where I live! We took this dirt road that went behind my apartment complex and brought us through this small, Chinese village. It was like stepping back in time! Chickens walking across the road and everything!


As we continued driving, we eventually came to this pond. Which was absolutely beautiful with the hills in the background.


It ended up being a fun afternoon. No, I did not fish, but I did have a good time watching and just enjoyed being outdoors.


Yes, that is bamboo. ..


After fishing for a few hours, we headed back to someone’s apartment to cook the fish.


I am not a huge fan of fish or seafood, but I have gotten brave since living here and tried it. They tasted a bit “fishy” but weren’t terrible. I’d say the curry one was my favorite because the curry taste covered up the fish taste. : )035

You know I’m started to get used to China, when I can have a whole fish placed in front of me… literally bones, eyes, EVERYTHING and I start digging in with my chopsticks. Nope, it’s not weird anymore… it’s “normal.”


What a fun day it was!


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