Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pure Delight

FINALLY the rain has stopped and we took advantage of the opportunity to take the kids outside. Needless to say, they  were THRILLED! I think the pictures explain it all!

Running laps around the fountain



First time walking outside (and with shoes!)! She loved it!



My little sweetie



No they are not holding hands (although it looks like it from the angle of the picture!) Although they would make a cute couple!



FINALLY a few smiling pictures of this one!



My little trouble maker, but oh so cute!


I’m sorry my dear friends and family in NY who are dealing with SNOW! I can’t say that I miss that (but I DO miss all of you)!



  1. So glad yall got to get outside! Sunshine can make a world of difference to a day! :)

  2. Kids and outdoors are a wonderful combination! Love the smiles that you shared with us--AND--also the ones of the littler ones who were inside (Marshall and Charlotte) that were posted on the ND blog. Hope has a gorgeous grin doesn't she!


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