Wednesday, April 11, 2012

He Listens

Yesterday was a very long day…. starting out at 6:20 a.m. bound for Guangzhou. Today was the day that we were taking my litle sweetheart to visit a few surgeons about her condition and what the best time for surgery would be.
She just turned one month old, and we found out that although her condition is severe, she has a milder case. Therefore, the doctors both recommended us waiting until she is 6 months old to do her surgery (which would be September), unless her health deteriorates prior to then.
On our drive home this afternoon, we felt a “bump” and shortly after a terrible noise. After pulling to the side of the road, we found a VERY flat rear tire.
Now highways in China are NOT the best place to have a flat tire (not sure if there is a good place). To make matters worse, we were on a bridge where there is absolutely NO shoulder. After putting on the four way flashers, we slowly pulled over as far as we could before scoping out the situation. Yep, definitely “flat as a pancake,” I believe was the quote.
Now we did have a spare but this was not the best place to do it, where there is a huge risk of us getting hit. We ended up slowly driving along in order to try not to damage the car any more, until we came to an exit where we could pull farther off.
Then the task of changing the tire began. I wasn’t much help since I was busy trying to keep a hungry, 1 month old happy. I then told little sweetheart, “ok, you’re going to learn how to pray now.” So we prayed (or I) for God’s protection and for help.
Within minutes, a van pulled over with 3 nice Chinese men who were willing to help! What would have taken a long time with one person, was quickly fixed and we were once again, headed for home. Thankfully, the rest of the trip was “smooth sailing.”
Thanks you Jesus for that very quick answer to prayer!



  1. Thanks to God!

    And thank you for lovin her.
    My little girl just came in and saw your picture: Is this the lady who cares for charlotte, Mama?
    Me: Yes
    Wow, she looks beautiful with her hairs open and how she cuddles our little Charlotte!

    Praying for you


  2. What wonderful news that she has a milder form that can wait for surgery until she is stronger! Hopefully they were also able to give you confidence that the procedures she must endure daily for her other health issues are not threatening her heart condition. Such a balance I am sure! You do look like an angel with Charlotte nestled in your arms btw.
    Do you know if the current fundraiser via Hannah/Lindsay will benefit Charlotte or is it better to consider giving to Charlotte separately if we'd like it earmarked for her? I wasn't sure if NDN and NDS were separate funds or if it's better to allow ND to determine where the money should be used and when. SO thankful for the Chinese men who changed your tire. What an answer to prayer. HE does listen!


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