Saturday, April 14, 2012

Before and After…

I am very blessed with my living quarters. For the price I’m paying, I wont even say because it’s that low. As my Dad said, “I thought you were supposed to live in a hut?” Yeah… times have changed. : )

I’ve decided though that “something” was missing from my new home. I decided it needed an “Anneli touch” to it. I’ve decided to try to make it a bit more “home like.” After all, this is home for who knows how long. It’s funny that my first apartment to decorate is in China…. not sure many people can say that! Makes it a bit more challenging but hey, I’m up for the challenge!

We had a “girls afternoon” today which ended up being just what I needed! I’ve been feeling a bit homesick and just “blah” lately and sometimes all a girl needs is a good shopping trip. Funny thing is that I hate shopping in the states! But for whatever reason, it was like medicine today.

We started off with a delicious meal of Dim Sum which basically means you get a lot of “smaller dishes” and is usually eaten throughout the morning. From what I could gather, this is something that is common in China but specifically southern China. I also learned that sometimes being easy going is not always the best approach. When you say “order whatever” could mean that you end up with chicken feet or fish mouth. Ummm….. I think I’m going to become much better at my decision making skills while I’m here.

With my redecorating, I decided to begin with my bathroom. The store we were in felt a lot like Target with all the bright colors… for a while I forgot I was in China.





….and AFTER!!!




May not seem like too much, but amazing how those “little touches” make such a difference. I’m thinking I’ll tackle the bedroom next…. more updates to come!



  1. Those little touches do become surprisingly important when you're settling into a new home. Glad you found something that screams "Anneli" to decorate with! :)

  2. LOVE IT! And isn't it a mind-bend that being submerged in a familiar store could make you feel instantly teleported to somewhere else for just a moment.
    The new bright colors are great! Like a little homey-hug. Are your bathroom walls stone? Or is that wallpaper/paint? It almost looks like marble!

  3. AWESOME! We have yet to give our living quarters our "touch" but I think thats because we're moving again real soon.

    I enjoyed your dad's hut comment... maybe we should write a post dispelling some of those myths.


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