Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Three Suitcases…


Well the time has come to begin the task that I have dreaded for months. Packing. Ever since I knew I was returning to China, it has been in the back of my head but now it is reality.

How do I pack my life into three suitcases?

We live in a society based on “things.” Where having more “things” make us “happier.” Is that really true? If we have that nice house, nice car, designer clothes, are we truly happier?

After living in a foreign country, I tend to disagree. We become so bogged down with “stuff.” I remember returning from China in May 2010, and getting rid of so much stuff since I was overwhelmed by it all. I had gotten used to living in a culture based on having little. And I liked it.

So now back to packing. I’m moving to China for an indefinite amount of time. How do I pack my life into 3 suitcases? But more importantly, how do I keep those suitcases UNDER 50 lbs.?! So far I’m doing pretty well but I must say it makes me really decide what is a NEED and what is a Want.



  1. Good luck packing! I have a hard enough time trying to pack for the two week trip! At least you can always have someone ship you boxes later, if you need. :)

  2. ugh, i'm trying pack right now for 9 months... it sucks. plus we have to pack up what we are leaving behind in a friends basement...

  3. I can only imagine ... I'm with Tara, some things maybe can ship later ... and some things maybe you can get there once in-country? UG!
    I can now appreciate what my great-great grandparents must have went through when they immigrated with only a trunk!
    Maybe you can make more room by wearing all your socks and underwear at once while you travel ;-)

  4. and I was TOTALLY joking btw.
    best wishes in deciding what to take!!

  5. Hey...that's not a bad idea, Valerie! I never thought of that on all our trips...LOL!
    I really cannot imagine trying to decide what to pack, Anneli! I know one of the many things you must be learning is what is REALLY important!
    We are praying for you!!!!

  6. hey anneli i got a blogger so now i can talk to you while your in china! have fun! we will miss you!


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