Monday, March 5, 2012

Children’s Message

I was given the incredible privilege to be a part of the children’s message during our Church services yesterday. It was a time for the kids to ask me questions about what I will be doing in China, a chance for me to share pictures of the children, and have the children and congregation pray over me. The kids had some really great questions like

“Are there monkeys in China?


“Are there movie theatres in China”

which was followed by…

“what’s a movie theatre?”

They are too precious. Even when they ask about movie theatres. The kids presented me with this beautiful card that they made for me.



I have been unaware, that for over the past month, the kids have been collecting money for me to bring to China for the kids. I guess it started out slow but as time went on, the kids were bringing in their whole piggy banks! The original goal was $100, but was then increased to $125.



They ended up with $208.98!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am blown away by the love and support of these precious children. I’m so excited to keep in touch with them and share about my ministry in China and how they are able to be a part of it. I for one don’t always give kids enough credit in what they understand. They definitely understanding the meaning of “a cheerful giver.”



  1. haha, this post is making me tear up. thanks for bringing so many people along on your journey, You've captured God's heart for the nations, and you're sharing it with others! For what its worth, Jess and I are really PROUD of you!


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