Monday, March 19, 2012

I’m Here!

Sorry for the delayed post about me arriving in southern China. I am here and I am safe.

I arrived on Sunday, March 18th. My flight out of northern China was delayed due to snow there (which made me VERY happy to be heading south) and several runways and flights were closed. Thankfully mine was not, but we did hang out on the runway for 1 1/2 hours before even taking off. Once we landed (rather rough landing), my luggage came out quickly, and I met up with Janice and Sarah right away. We then proceeded in search of Doug who had gone to get the car. Wow, everyone in southern China smokes! They are also extremely persistent. As we were waiting for Doug, I young man attempted to take my luggage and put it in his taxi, which we told him “no.” Eventually we met up with Doug and we were on our way.

The city I’m living in is about an hour outside of GZ. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL here! In the city it was very smoggy but as we drove farther outside of it, the air cleared and there was actually blue sky. I have even seen stars the last few nights. It is so green here and there are palm trees everyone. Maybe it’s because I’m from the north, but I have this obsession of palm trees, I love them. Our apartment complex is so nice. I really don’t feel like I’m in China right now. Rather, I feel like I’m on vacation in Florida. My accommodations are wonderful, and the foster home is in the building next door, so about a 1 minute walk away.

Now for what I know you all want to hear about, the kids. They are absolutely PRECIOUS. I haven’t taken a single picture but will soon. Two of them warmed up to me right away, the others weren’t quite sure what they thought of me. I’ve given them their space and allowed them to warm up to me in their timing which is hard because I just want to scoop them up! By the end of the day yesterday, they were definitely deciding that I wasn’t so bad.

Last night I enjoyed dinner of pizza which tasted wonderful. My stomach has felt a little queasy the last few days and jet lag is hitting me hard. I’m trying to take it easy and ease my way into life here. Please keep me in your prayers and that I will continue to give myself grace and knowing that it’ll take time to adjust.

I miss you all so much and keep the emails and comments coming. They are so encouraging to me. I promise, pictures will come soon.



  1. So exciting to follow your journey to Beijing and now ZS!!!! Welcome Home! :)
    I loved reading about your day with Ruth...I miss her!
    I love seeing Doug, Janice, and Sarah Grace's names...I miss them!
    Please give Jonah a big hug from our Quan...Jonah LOVED him and Quan LOVED Jonah!
    We loved ZS too...although it was July and WOW IT WAS HOT!!!!!
    Praying for you!!!!!!

  2. SO glad you made it safely!!! Reading your post makes me VERY anxious for my trip! :)

  3. I am loving following your blog and updates! So exciting!! GZ was my favorite, so I imagine the cities near it are pretty awesome too! Praying for you and am so excited to continue to watch and see what God is doing through you unfold!


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