Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Few Pictures

I’m too tired to write a post, but I’ll leave you with a few pictures.






  1. You KNOW that I LOVE the first one...even if it does make me totally jealous! :) So thankful that you made it safely and are able to give my girl a few hugs from me! Can't wait until we meet up in Guangzhou!!!

  2. LOVE the photos of you with Cora and Rebecca! Please make sure to give Lydia a sweet hug for me if you can--praying that she continues to get stronger and for miraculous healing. Oh yes and Eliana. I hope she gets some lap time with you. She is such a sweet looking gal.
    Rest up and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! But totally understand the whirl of emotions you must be experiencing on and off. The sad thing is that when it is time to come home again ... you'll be feeling this all over again traveling the other way. UG!

  3. ...It's the good kind of jealous though, right Tara!!?!! :) And lucky you, getting to meet up with Anneli in GZ!

    {and Anneli, can I say how strange it is seeing you back at New Day?! ...when I was there amongst the goodbyes the day you left less than 2 years ago!?! Oh how I remember the tears. It was especially hard on Jess. Seeing you there brings back some crazy emotions for me, too... totally unexpected!)

    Now for the photos:
    Oh the EYE CANDY! ...all I have to say to that is "THANK YOU!" Gotta love all the sweet sugar in these pics!! Be still my heart!


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