Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tell Us About It Thursday

I had a request to share the story behind my previous “Wordless Wednesday” post. This is one of my favorite China memories.

I don’t remember exactly why we were going to the Lunar Market. I believe it may have been for our Easter celebration. Anyways, in order to transport the kids there, we took this super sweet bike. Who would have thought that a bike would be SO hard to drive with a wagon behind with several small children riding? First of all it was hard to balance and I kept thinking I was going to tip over. And second…. the kids thought it was HILARIOUS watching me try to drive this thing. It was like I had gone back to my first time on a two-wheeler. After a while…. I kind of got the hang of it. Anyways, it makes a good story and a great memory. One of those things where you just “had to be there” to fully understand the joy of it all. : )


I got up…. well sorta…



Gloria got the wonderful job of pushing the cart!



I’m sure we were quite a sight! Foreigner biking with a bunch of Chinese kids in the back. : )



It was fun once I got the hang of it!


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