Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cookies 2011

Call me the “Grinch” if you want because one of the things I absolutely hate is baking cutout cookies. Why you may ask? Well there is really no point in my family making only one recipe of them so I always double or even triple it. However then it becomes an all day event and who gets stuck decorating them all by herself at the end of the long day of rolling and cutting dough for hours? That would be Anneli. Even though I strongly dislike baking them, this is the one time of the year I make them. And especially since this may be my last Christmas home for a few years, I figured it had to be done. One thing I learned though is that a 10 year old sister is a lot of help! Usually she likes to “help” but often would make more work. This year however Kiah really was a big help. She rolled and cutout most of the cookies while I baked them and began decorating. It was the most painless year ever!


My little baker


Aren’t they beautiful?


So many tree’s…


Rolling out the dough


She didn’t want to listen to Christmas music….


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  1. I made Christmas cookies with seven 8-14 year old girls this year. :) (I had 3 other adults there too or it would have been chaos). Definitely the most painless making of gingerbread cookies EVER. I think I decorated 3. The kids figured out how to roll and cut the dough easily and all I did was make sure cookies didn't burn.


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