Friday, August 26, 2011

His Ways Are Always Best

So this is something that I definitely know. But sometimes it’s hard to believe. Especially in the midst of heartache and confusion. But God is good and His plan is always best. That is something that I have had to remind myself over and over again. Because when I’ve been in the midst of the “valley”, it’s hard to see the other side. I just kept believing that God would bring me out of it and that it would be “brighter on the other side.” And knowing that even though I had no idea what the heck He was doing (ok, I still don’t), I trusted Him and His plan for my life. And I still do.

God has done some crazy things in my life in the last week. It’s super crazy because just a week ago today I was in such a different place. The Lord has just revealed some things to me very clearly. Things that I wasn’t even expecting at all. I know that I am not giving you much information and don’t worry, I will when the time is right. At the moment I’m in the midst of prayer. Prayer about this huge leap of faith I may be taking. This opportunity that came out of nowhere and is rather ummm…. intimidating? Okay VERY intimidating. But knowing that the Lord is with me through everything. He has proven that to me especially this summer. That He is there for my emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. He cares about every aspect of my life and He will “never leave me nor forsake me.”

So will you join me in prayer? I have finally been able to let go so that God can “do His thing.” Yes, that’s super scary because I still hurt. But also know that His way is best and I trust Him with that. Pray for clarity and direction and that I will able to make a decision and walk confidently in that. I will hopefully have an answer soon and will reveal it then. : ) In the meantime, PRAY.



  1. KNOW you can count on me! Love you and SO glad to hear you are relinquishing that control and truly trusting the Lord with His plan!! ~ great things happen when you can do that, but I know it's more often "easier said than done!"

    Hang in there and God bless you, beautiful friend! I can't wait to hear the details of what He has been at work doing in your life lately!


  2. Praying for you Anneli. :)


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