Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Streets of China

Even though it’s been 8 months since I’ve been home, it feels like yesterday. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my life in China and how I miss it. While I was there I was able to share lots of pictures and stories about the kids and even some about the culture. However things that I took for granted such as my walk to the foster home each day I don’t think I’ve shared. Here are few pictures from the village I lived in for 4 months.


                                             River next to the foster home



                Road next to the foster home






Not quite sure what all these “things” are that they’re selling…



The back dirt road we’d take to avoid the people in the village



“Home sweet home” – our apartment complex about 1 1/2 miles from ND.



        I love all the Chinese characters, all the “houses” were gated.



                                     Morning walk through the “ally”



      Playing cards on the side of the road (totally normal there)



Burning garbage (also totally normal… and yes that is a butt of a manikin!)



It was usually hazy and this was our “sunset” although we had some beautiful ones occasionally!



Can’t see it, but there was garbage EVERYWHERE in this river… would not want to swim there.


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  1. I am going through such a China withdrawl myself. Just seeing these photos makes me long to go back. WHY is that?! Why is it that a piece of my heart still remains there? ...that I can't shake that 'longing' I feel inside? Even though our time there was so short in relation to the months you spent there, it forever changed me in a way I often find hard to put into words. I'm sure a big part of it is that our daughter is from there. That country holds her heritage, her roots ...and I don't ever want to forget it. Sometimes when I look deep into her eyes, I cannot believe she is really here with me. My heart is calling me back. It's SO hard some days, as the $ to return is simply not there. I KNOW with all that is in me, that Khloe has a little sibling 'waiting' in China for us to bring home to her. Some little one that she will one day share a very special bond with. Oh Anneli, how my heart aches on that note. I am SO blessed to have Khloe, and her bright smile lights up my world every day. But I know we are not meant to remain a family of five for long. Please do keep us in your prayers. All in God's perfect timing. I DO trust that!!

    Thank you for sharing these photos. Now I'm heading back to stare at those photos of a very precious little girl in a special bday post you did earlier!! I can't seem to shake her from my heart lately. Maybe I'm just supposed to be praying for her more specifically.

    Sending love and hugs your way! <><

    ~ Tanya


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