Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Bonus!!!

So this weekend I not only got to see Jess, but also COOPER! Cooper was one of the little boys who I love, love, LOVED in China. Such a sweetheart. He was in a foster family so I would only see him at preschool but one of the sweetest, most well-behaved kids I’ve ever met. I can only pray my kids are half that well- behaved someday! : )  Anyways, Cooper (was known as Evan in China) was on my heart a lot. He needed a family. I was able to witness when his foster brother, Adrian, met his forever family for the first time. And little Cooper was so happy for his brother. They were adorable together. He was on my heart a lot, he needed a family. So I was THRILLED last summer that he was matched!!!!!!! His family traveled in November to bring him home. And fortunately for me, he lives only about an hour from Jess!!! So not ONLY was I able to see my dear friend Jess, but this sweet little boy.

He is doing GREAT! Hard to believe he has only been with his family for 2 months. Looks like he’s been a part of their family forever. God is so good. Here is living proof of that.


Cooper and I in China – April 2010



Cooper home!!! – January 2011


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