Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Kiah November Update

I can't believe how big she is getting! What a doll!
Kiah is 9 Months Old.
Kiah's nanny wrote this update:
Kiah had her heart surgery on September 16th.  The surgery took around 3 hours and was very successful.   Kiah was released from the PICU on September 21st and returned to the Foster Home a few days later.   Due to her heart condition, we have to watch her diet carefully and this does not make Kiah very happy.   She has a very good appetite and after she receives her meals, she will kick her leg happily.    Kiah likes to beat her toy bowls and to hear the sounds that it makes.  It is very cute to watch her play and laugh.
Kiah has to return to the hospital in three months for a check-up.  We are optimistic that all will be well and she will remain a healthy little girl.


  1. Be still my HEART!!

    ...I think Khloe needs a baby Kiah sister! ;)

  2. I think she does too!!! I totally support that! : )


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