Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prayers for Chase

If you could also pray with me please for baby Chase that would be great. We need all the prayers we can get for this little boy. Chase came to ND on March 12, 2010 and has been in the hospital for most of his life (was born January 29,2010). This little boy is now on life support right now. He so desperately needs his heart surgery as it is very severe. However he is only about 8 lbs. at 4 months of age. Would you please stand by this little boy with prayers? He has such a serious condition and the doctors still think he's still too small to do surgery however we're not sure how much longer he'll make it without it. Thankfully we serve a God who does miracles and we know he can do a miracle on this little boy's life. Will you all pray with me?

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