Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Will You Help?

While I was serving in China, I had the opportunity to name one of the babies that came in. We give all of the children english names since it is easier for the foreigners to remember than their Chinese names. After going back and forth for a while, I decded to name her Kiah, named after my little sister, Kiah. I thought it was appropriate for several reasons. One being that my Kiah played a huge part in me actually going to China. Her adoption and her life is really how the Lord put orphans and especially China on my heart. Second, Kiah means "God is strength." Is there any other explanation needed?

Baby Kiah was born on January 7th and is 4 1/2 months old. She needs heart surgery which will probably be in July 2010 when she is about 6 months old. Will you help by donating to her surgery fund? I raised over the amount of money I needed to go to China and am planning on giving it towards Kiah's surgery. Will you help me by donating money to this little girl who needs this surgery so desperately?

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