Sunday, May 9, 2010

T-shirt Lady

Every Sunday when we are in Beijing we usually end up going to a market and doing some shopping. There is this one market which we visit frequently called Yashow. Right after I arrived in China we went to this market and I found this "t-shirt" lady to buy I think 14 t-shirts from (I have a lot of people to buy for!). Anyways let's just say that I had a super bad headache after that experience. She was being so stubborn with getting me down to the price that I wanted and she wouldn't budge. Well finally after probably half hour of this, we finally agreed on a price. After you barter here they always tell you to come back soon. Well I told her I would bring people back which I have done several times since. She'll see me coming and will say "hi friend!" It is so cute. She is 23 so around my age and we just have fun chatting whenever I'm at Yashow. Knowning this was my last Sunday in Beijing and I knew we were going to Yashow, I wanted to go say goodbye to her. The sad part is, that I almost starting crying when I told her goodbye! I just love the people here so much and she is so sweet. She gave me her business card with her email so maybe we can keep in touch through email, she is so sweet. Here's a picture I got with her today and also one of me and my roomates.

1 comment:

  1. saying goodbye is always tuff... hopefully this is just an "until we meet again!" ;)

    See ya soon!


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