Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dirt Market & Hohai Park

Beautiful weather today. A bit overcast but was around 80 degrees and beautiful! I went into Beijing with some friends today and went to the Dirt Market (outside market) and then Hohai Park which is on a "lake" (more like a pond actually). At Hohai they have all sorts of restaurants and shops. We ate at a pizza place (delicious!) and then walked through a lot of the shops. Had a neat experience today. We found this tea shop and they had the cutest little tea mugs where they have the strainer in it to put the tea leaves so I bought one for really cheap. But then I needed tea to go in it of course. We went in the back where there were all these different flavor teas. She let us try multiple kinds to see which ones we wanted. So we went back and sat down and tried all these different teas! I'm sitting in China at a tea shop drinking tea like it's nothing. Was definately a "China moment." I ended up buying a black tea and a fruit tea, both of which are DELICIOUS. China has definately made me start drinking tea. I was able to get a few other neat souvineers as well to bring home next week. Now just hoping I can get everything home.
Here are a few pictures from the day.

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